Integral Mastery Center

The Congruent Leadership Workshop

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Integral Mastery Center (IMC) and Leadergy Center (LC) are training, consulting, and publishing companies dedicated to the development of integral leadership in both personal and business contexts.  The IMC/LC approach to leadership focuses on ideas and techniques for leading and living on purpose.

Corporate Mastery

Leading On Purpose

The purpose of Corporate Mastery is to develop integral leaders in the corporate world.  We have developed training and consulting methodologies designed to assist leaders to draw out the best in individuals and teams.  Our approach helps organizations move beyond mere profit as their reason for being.  We teach leaders to create and utilize profit as a means of achieving purpose.  Our model of the integral organization is the congruent corporation where all parts run together to achieve a common vision.

Self Mastery

Living On Purpose

The purpose of Self Mastery is to assist people of influence to live and teach the integral life.  We have developed materials and training programs designed to assist people of influence to live on purpose using the 8 Principles of Development™ as a guide.  They apply these principles in their personal, relational, and social lives.  We want to influence the influencers so they can elevate the quality of life within their interpersonal circles and in their communities.