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Corporate Mastery is the division of IMC dedicated to leadership development in professional and organizational life. We are corporate development professionals who assist leaders in building peak performing organizations through leadership training, team building, executive coaching, and organizational mastery programs. The founders of Corporate Mastery developed and refined The Integral Mastery Approach™ to leadership and organizational development.


The Corporate Mastery Assessment Program (CMAP) is the best entry point for leaders to engage us.

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Assess your key associates to identify strengths as a basis for improving individual productivity, synergy, communication, & talent management.


The Corporate Mastery Assessment Program is designed to give the key members of your team a useful picture of their individual talents and of their team potentials. This picture is then put in context of the culture and structure of the organization in order to show how those potential strengths can more effectively realize the group's vision.


The Corporate Mastery Assessment Program gives you the ability to:

Coaching (top)


Our approach to coaching managers and executives is quite unique and comprehensive. The Integral Mastery Approach™ as applied to corporate settings involves the following:

Team Building (top)


The Leadership Mastery Program aims to assist the leadership team in nurturing a cultural and structural transformation of the organization through team building and coaching. It is tailored to the needs and qualities of the specific company.

Seminars & Retreats (top)

The RISC Model of Relationship Building

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The ability to build strong relationships is the universal pathway to great leadership.

Relationship is the source of influence—the key mechanism for bringing out the best in people, as individuals and as teams. The ability to build relationships is learnable and directly applicable to the art of influencing people. This seminar offers you a model that incorporates the core wisdom behind the research, theory, and practice of relationship building. The RISC Model identifies and applies the 4 Great Dimensions of a relationship: Rapport, Initiative, Structure, & Commitment.


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An Integral Model for Transforming Feelings into Passion and Purpose

IQ explains only around 20% of effective leadership. Where does the 80% come from?

There are many other factors that affect the development of great leadership. The vast majority of them fall under the designation of emotional intelligence (EI). Our thesis is that the most important aspect of emotional intelligence is our level of awareness. There are three levels we work with: (1) emotional, (2) rational, and (3) integral. Research shows we need to integrate the emotional and rational levels in order to bring the fullness of our EI to work for us. But to integrate emotional and rational, we must go to the third level of awareness. This is what the seminar does.


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If we, as leaders, do not contribute to high performance, then we are not fulfilling our reason for being. Productive action not only brings profitability, but also a great sense of satisfaction, which, in turn, means great loyalty in the workforce. Leadership and productivity go together like hand in glove—no excuses for subpar work. There are three primary influences of individual performance: knowledge, motivation, and instinct. Assuming there are no huge barriers in the outside world, these are the big three when it comes to understanding what goes into getting into you performance zone. Most approaches to leadership, organizational development, and high performance focus only on the cognitive and affective parts of the mind. In this seminar, you will see that thoughts and feelings do not lead to action. Only an act of will—our commitment to use our talents—leads into action. Thoughts and feelings inform us, but they do not lead us.



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Living and Leading On Purpose-Part 1

A 2-Day Retreat for Executives, Entrepreneurs, & Professionals

In the lives of successful individuals and their relationships, there are encoded patterns of wisdom that are describable and learnable. The purpose of this 2-day retreat is to discover, learn, and apply these wisdom codes to your personal, relationship, and organizational life. Join Ramon Corrales, Ph.D., and a small group of your successful peers in unlocking the secrets of high performance for profit and purpose. Upon completion of this retreat, you will have an Integral Life Plan and an Integral Leadership Plan you can use as a guide for the coming year. The codes you will learn are the universal patterns for Living and Leading On Purpose.

Training (top)

for Executives and Managers

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The Integral Leadership Training (ILT) is our comprehensive training program for executives and managers at all levels of an organization. Although the process is similar for both executives and managers, the content and the goals will be different depending on the level of responsibility exercised by the participants.

We utilize The Integral Mastery Approach™ in our training events. We typically meet the groups for two hours each month. The number of months varies depending on the extent desired by the company. The full program is 24 sessions. Level 1 Certificates are given after 12 sessions and Level 2 Certificates are given after the full 24 sessions are successfully completed. The certificates indicate a level of competency in TIMA.