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THE LEADERSHIP RELATIONSHIP: The RISC Model for Relationship Building.

Ramon G.Corrales, Ph.D. 2007. Katha Publishing Company, Philippines.The Leadership RelationshipThe ability to build strong relationships is the universal pathway to great leadership.Relationship is the source of influence, which is the key mechanism for bringing out the best in people, as individuals and as teams. The ability to build relationships is learnable and directly applicable to the art of influencing people. This book offers you a model that incorporates the core wisdom behind the research, theory, and practice of relationship building. The RISC Model gets its name from the Four Great Dimensions of a Relationship: Rapport, Initiative, Structure, & Commitment.

The Congruent LeaderTHE CONGRUENT LEADER: An Integral Model for Evolution of Effective Leadership. Ramon G. Corrales,Ph.D., and Charles D. Rhodes, Psy.D. 2001. Self-Mastery Publishing. Corrales and Rhodes created an integral approach to leadership development. They articulate the 8 Principles of Development for:

This book represents a tremendous contribution to the field of leadership because it is among the first leadership frameworks to utilize an integral approach. Moreover, the ideas are translated into models - step by step applications of evidence-based theories.


Self-MasterySELF-MASTERY: Mission and Meaning in Modern Life. Ramon G. Corrales, Ph.D. 2000. Self-Mastery Publishing.This book is a guide for managing our thinking, feeling, and willing faculties for living a life of purpose and for developing relationships that support this purpose. In this book, you will find creative ways to:


Marriage FoundationsMARRIAGE FOUNDATIONS: Getting the Right Start. Ramon G. Corrales, Ph.D. 1999. Originally published by Marriage Foundations for Newlyweds, a defunct nonprofit organization, the rights to this book are now owned by Self-Mastery Publishing. Dr. Corrales has done something that few experts of relationship building can do: distill the essence of relationship success patterns and teach them in learnable steps. Here are the main parts of the book:
I Communication, Identity, and Boundaries
II The Pebble-Grenade-Treasure Connection
III Intimacy, Intrigue, and Conflict Resolution
IV Marriage, the Family of Origin, and Spirituality
In the appendix, you will find an extraordinary section: The 7 Patterns of the Well-Functioning Family. Dr. Corrales outlines the success patterns of the healthy family, of which the marriage is a part.

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The Code of Wisdom: An Integral Vision for Living and Leading On Purpose.
Ramon G. Corrales, Ph.D. Fall 2008. Self-Mastery Publishing.


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The Leadership Relationship: The RISC Model of Relationship Building.

The Corporate Mastery Approach: The View from the 3rd Level.

Managing Emotion in the Workplace: Emotional Intelligence at Work.

The Communication Pyramid: An Integral Model of Communication and Negotiation.


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