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Self Mastery is the division of IMC dedicated to leadership development in personal/spiritual, relationship, and family life. We are self development professionals who assist people in transforming their personal, relationship, and family life.


Self-Mastery Assessment Program (SMAP)
Your Strategic Life Plan

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Spend a day with us to come up with your Strategic Life Plan for Living On Purpose. This goes deeper than simply coming up with a purpose statement. You will utilize the 8 Principles of Development as a map for navigating the main aspects of life. You will use the universal purpose of life as a framework for understanding your personal purpose as you answer the following questions:

The 8 Principles of Development will guide you in developing your Strategic Life Plan which will outline a 12-month cycle for Living On Purpose.

Life Coaching (top)

Professional coaching is an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Your coach will help you construct a Personal Strategic Plan and then guide you in developing strategies to achieve your goals. Call for a free information session.

Personal & Relational Development (top)

Relationship Coaching
Coaching can also take place between a coach and a couple. This combines life coaching with a special focus on relationship development. This is designed for those who wish to improve their relationship while working on a conscious plan for personal growth.

Coaching for Effective Parenting
Coaching for Effective Parenting uses a strategic approach to assist parents to become wise leaders of their children. Your coach will use a developmental view to make sense of your children's behavior according to their stage of growth.

Performance Coaching
One of our areas of expertise is coaching for high performance. Whether you are dealing with athletic, music, or leadership performance, you are aiming for a level of mastery that gets you into the "zone." We will evaluate your patterns of performance and find out how you perform best. We believe that for peak performance to occur, we must bring knowledge, passion, and instinct together as we aim to reach goals that are achievable, yet challenging. You will learn the art of "getting into your performance zone."

Coaching for Spiritual Development
A one-on-one coaching program designed to help develop your spiritual practice, one that is congruent with your own beliefs about the purpose of life and the universe. We will help assess your level of mastery in 4 areas: your Awareness, your Behavior, and the impact of Culture and Structure on your life. You meet with your coach for two hours each month for 6 to 12 months, or until you sense your own momentum.

The Quest Group
The Quest Group brings 6 to 12 people together to clarify their purpose, mission, and vision. Under the guidance of a coach, the participants develop a Personal Strategic Plan to bring focus and depth to their quest for spirituality. The 8 Principles of Development serve as a framework for this group, which meets once a month for 2 hours. You will be asked to focus on an area of development each month. This is a nondenominational approach to spirituality, but one that brings all areas of your life under a sacred umbrella. A 12-month commitment is required.